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Ethics is a muscle. You need to train it, to remain strong.

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  • coursera

    My online course “Unethical decision making in organizations: A seminar on the dark side of the force” explains the social psychology behind the immoral and illegal behavior of good people in organizations. I co-teach the course with my colleague Ulrich Hoffrage.

  • TEDx talk

    In my TEDx talk “Responsible consumption, the soft power of storytelling” I explain how we can unlock the power of storytelling to drive the ecological transition.
    youtube video

  • “Light into Darkness” workshops

    I regularly offer online conversation on the dark side or the bright side of the force. I will announce such virtual workshops in my newsletter and on LinkedIn. Watch these spaces!

dark side talks

  • I run programs for leadership teams, boards and sales forces in companies around the world on the dark pattern of corporate scandals: How could things go so wrong at Volkswagen, Boeing, Wells Fargo, Uber? How can you protect your own organization against the risk of epic ethical failure? Reach out for more information:


  • You are a trainer or an advisor who wants to learn how to use my “Light into Darkness” approach? You work in compliance and want to apply a broader perspective that wins the hearts and minds of your management? You are a leader who wants to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of unethical leadership? Watch this space or reach out to me:

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